Casio E-105 Hard Reset

Before you give your handset to repair shop or buy new handset, please try the following procedure to repair your device. First charge your battery more then 70%, backup your important data like phone-book, message, email, images and settings and in most cases take out SIM card and SD card. After doing hard reset not possible to recover your data, so online backup is always important. For all of your data, a backup should be done on a external device, hard drive, raid system media or SD card. 


How to Hard Reset Casio E-105


Soft Reset

  • Use the stylus to press the Reset button
  • Normal unit operation is possible after the desktop appears. 

Full Reset 

Important: The following procedure deletes all data in memory. Be  sure that data is backed up or that you no longer need it before  performing the following procedure. 

  • Switch on the device. 
  • While holding down the Power button, use the stylus to hold down the Reset button for about two seconds. 

Note: This causes the following message to appear on the display screen. "Proceeding with this operation initializes memory. Press [Action] to proceed or I [Exit] to cancel." 

  • Press the [Action] control

Note: This causes the following message to appear on the display screen. "Proceeding with this operation deletes all data stored in memory. Press [Action] to proceed or [Exit] to cancel."

  • Press the [Action] control again. 

Note: This starts the full reset operation, which deletes all data in memory. Pressing the [Action] control displays the Startup screen. You can abort the full reset operation while the messages in steps 2 and 3 are on the display by pressing the [Exit] button. 

Replacing the Backup Battery 


  • Never remove the main battery and backup battery from the CASSIOPEIA at the same time. Doing so causes all data stored in memory to be deleted.
  • Should the main battery and the backup battery both require replacement, be sure to always replace the main battery first.
  • Be sure to replace the backup battery as soon as possible whenever the following message appears on the display: Prevent possible data loss by promptly replacing or recharging your back up battery according to your hardware manufacturer’s instructions.

There are following step:

  • Make sure your CASSIOPEIA is turned off.
  • Turn the CASSIOPEIA over.
  • Slide the battery cover switch to BACK UP, and then remove the backup battery cover.
  • Remove the old battery.
  • Wipe off a new lithium battery (CR2032) with a dry cloth, and load it into the CASSIOPEIA.
  • Make sure the positive side is facing up, so you can see it.
  • Replace the backup battery cover.
  • Slide the battery cover switch back to LOCK.